Wemob reaches an agreement with Daikin for the EXIGO Telematics

Daikin Europe and Wemob sign an agreement to use the Spanish company’s telematics into the EXIGO in Europe. This agreement is being extended in Europe to Zanotti transport machines, more oriented towards light vehicles (vans and trucks).

Daikin EXIGO is the first Daikin-branded trailer transport refrigeration unit “Exigo”, the next generation of trailer refrigeration. Exigo delivers reliability alongside reduced energy consumption, optimized airflow for temperature accuracy and efficiency, increased pull-down and on-grid efficiency, reduced maintenance and down-time and ease of unit operation and fleet management. Trailer telematics is based on Wemob technology, included as standard feature with EXIGO and installed alongside the TRU -Trailer Unit-. Each Exigo includes a complementary 2-year telematics service .

Daikin Trailer Telematics

Daikin trailer telematics, powered by Wemob, provides cold chain connectivity on the road via real-time tracking, remote management, and seamless over-the-air software updates. Daikin Telematics is the ideal solution for fleet managers, who need full access through an intuitive user interface. Accesible from any device, the user can track the entire fleet on one screen. Main features:

  • GPS location tracking every 1 minute.
  • Geofencing: location specific alarms such entering / exiting company premises.
  • Intuitive map interface based on Google Maps.
  • Accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • API and SDK for integration with your existing fleet management software.
  • Compatible with other refrigeration unit brands.
  • TRU status monitoring such as on/off, defrost, road/grid, etc. Engine information.
  •  Virtual HMI mimicking an in person experience, enable effortless management of temperature controlled cargo.
  •  Reports of events, alarms and usage statistics.
  •  Over the air (OTA) software updates ensures that your unit will always meet the latest performance and reliability standards set by Daikin.
  •  Telematics enable seamless two-way communication with Exigo, including cargo area temperature reading, temperature setpoint management, and out-of-range temperature alarm.

The Wemob telematic hardware is included as a standard feature, including 4G/LTE connectivity and All Europe roaming.

Pharma Option: Wemob telematic hardware is a GDP certified data-logger, ready for connecting temperature probes (up to 4 plug and play GDP calibrated temperature sensors). Combined with the GDP certified Exigo units, Daikin offers peace of mind for customers transporting precious pharmaceutical goods.

Wemob Contact details: +34 911 610 524[email protected]

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